Your next dream marketing campaign is in the clouds - literally.

Drones are no longer just a dazzling child’s toy; they have grown in popularity as one of the most dynamic and versatile assets to a business’s marketing strategies. If you scroll long enough on social media, you are bound to come across captivating footage from a drone overlooking a canyon in Iceland, the neon cityscape of Tokyo, or even a cozy cottage nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains. And its usage isn’t limited by industry – drone footage can prove advantageous for real estate, architecture & construction, agriculture, tour agencies, and corporate entities.


Roughly 92% of marketers have reported a high ROI from video content, whether the result is a boost in sales or better customer understanding of the product or service. And 71% of video content has the same primary destination – social media. The timing for a viewer’s eyes to register what image they are looking at comes down to milliseconds, so having a variety in the type of visual content used can help snag & retain audience’s attention much more effectively. Enter drone videography & photography.


There are so many ways that drone visual content can be utilized or repurposed into your marketing strategy. You can upload footage to LinkedIn, TikTok and Instagram carousels to expand your social media networks and increase volume of online traffic. You can integrate drone videos into your campaign spots to provide viewers with “sneak-peek” experiences of the services you offer. You can even get creative by cutting snippets of video to create gifs or memes with witty captions that create the tone that best resonates with your consumers.


There is no doubt that the use of drone videography and photography gives you an edge over other competitors in your market. Take this tourism industry example: Tourism Company A may follow the normal marketing strategies such as uploading beautiful still pictures, snapshots of local restaurants and activities, along with some footage taken at ground level. Tourism Company B however decides to integrate drone videography & footage, changing to a unique vantage point of the experiences & services that they have to offer. Because of this dynamic approach, Company B will be more likely to gain greater traction and potential interest from their audience, turning viewers into actual customers.


If used properly and directed by a professional team, such as creative team assembled at FireLite Production Studios, high-quality visual content from drones can enhance marketing content, provide unique insights & information for consumers, and bolster sales. Drone videography has unlocked a new dimension to marketing campaigns for businesses. So if you’re contemplating ways to improve your business goals, remember that it’s never too late to take the leap 

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