So we've chatted about the power of videos on social media (check out the link below for our previous article), but exactly what types of videos are the most popular?

In our previous article we covered some of the major reasons why video content has become crucial to the success of marketing campaigns for businesses. And we get it, people would rather watch a clip rather than read a long article. But what types of videos are people more likely to click on? Which video content is best suited to accomplish your marketing goals? By better understanding the different types of videos on social media and the unique elements they bring to your strategy, you can help to ensure your content cuts through the noise and reaches your target audience.


1.   Informative / Product Demo Videos – Without a doubt, the right post can impact a consumer’s decision whether to buy a product, so it is important to make a post that clearly showcases the assets & benefits of your product or service. But static images aren’t very attention grabbing tend to be less effective in generating engagement. Instead, create high-quality product or service reels that showcases why people should be interested in what you are selling. You could highlight a unique feature for each video or explain how this product solves a commonplace problem. Your target base will gain valuable information about your product, and they will also be able to form an authentic relationship with your brand.


2.   Behind-The-Scenes – Everyone loves the thrill and excitement of attending a live concert, but nothing can top a VIP backstage all-access pass. And that is exactly the kind of treatment consumers feel when watching a behind-the-scenes, reel. With this type of footage, you can show how a product is made, introduce the key team members that make up your business, and maybe offer sneak peaks into upcoming launches. You could even offer tours of the offices or manufacturing sites, showing glimpses into the culture that sets your business apart from others. These types of videos can go a long way toward humanizing your business and building a greater sense of dependability and trust with potential consumers.


3.   User-Generated Videos – No other type of video embodies the phrase, “work smarter not harder,” than user-generated content. It is a simple yet highly effective way to further enhance your social media presence. Have people enter a contest by submitting videos of them using your product. Create a hashtag that customers can use when sharing videos of your product. Most importantly, make sure to comment on their video and praise their work. User-generated videos are not only a useful means of demonstrating authenticity, but it also helps to foster an online community around your business


4.  Live Videos – Last but certainly not least, we have live videos. These are especially useful to tie in elements of transparency and authenticity as well as offer the perfect medium for making announcements about updates to the products or services your business provides. However, factors such as lighting and sound can have a huge impact on the success of live videos. Always be sure to test out the live video set-up before actually going live to ensure a smooth session.


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