With the decorations packed-up, the Christmas lights taken down, and the haze of the holidays in our rearview mirror, we can look forward to the beginning of 2024. We have our lists of brand-new resolutions set for the year and are ready to start making the most of our time. Yet before diving headlong into those goals it is important to reflect on the new trends emerging in the digital medial landscape for 2024.


Below is a list of four of the most common trends that will most likely have an impact in shaping the digital media industry. If you are a small business owner, or just getting your new business off the ground, and want to get a jump on 2024, it is imperative that you develop strategies with these trends in mind.


1)   Tailored, Customer-Centric Experience – In 2024 the world still revolves around the customer experience, but there is a greater shift toward transparency and honest. A study showed that 73% of consumers feel more valued when they receive personalized content, and 87% are more likely to engage with tailored content. Customers want to buy goods and services, but they don’t want to be sold these goods and services through influencers, brand deals, and persistent ads. They want to know when something is a paid partnership versus a genuine recommendation. Moving into 2024 businesses will need to strike a balance between hooking in new consumers while remaining authentic and transparent.


2)   Consolidation of Social Media Platforms – A study conducted by Quantum Metric showed that 48% of sale conversions stemmed from social media leads. Owned channels & social landing pages that solidify brand awareness & interaction are critical to enhancing social media conversions. By providing stellar content & experiences, business can increase word-of-mouth exchanges & recommendations that could make all the difference for the bottom line.


3)   Finesse in Filmmaking – With the mantra “content is king,” continuing its reign into 2024, the standard for content has also increased. For example, vertical filming has a hold on how we consume media and will be the de facto framework to ensure social media compatibility. Audio has a taken a higher priority as capturing great sound in film is essential to showcasing quality & professionalism to consumers. Lastly a preference for natural lighting & imagery will also be key as it demonstrates an element of realness to differentiate from AI. Given these examples it is important to higher production companies skilled & knowledgeable in these film techniques that are in-demand.


4)   Creators as Consultants – Lastly there has been an uptick in hiring content creators not just for social media spots & commercials, but also to drive multi-channel campaigns via livestreams, social platforms, newsletters, podcasts, long form, and short form content. This also deepens the relationship between the content creators & business clients, so that the former has a greater understanding the of the brand, products, and services of the latter. The true value in digital media producers is their capacity to connect with an audience’s empathy, and businesses are not only recognizing this value but seeking to apply it across all other creative outputs.


We understand that the New Year can quickly become daunting with the list of goals & objectives you’ve set for your business. But taking the time to get ahead of the new trends on the horizon can make the pathway toward achieving those goals so much simpler. And the team here at Firelite Studios have the knowledge, resources, and drive to make that happen!


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